Learning Town Preschool..

VPK Approved School in Hollywood, FL


Learning Town Preschool offers Florida’s early learning programs which include VKP & School Readiness.

We are Bilingual (Spanish) Preschool.

Choosing a school for your little one is a big decision. Your choices will successfully set the stage for a lifetime of learning, and the Learning Town Preschool Program can help.

We make preschool possible for all Hollywood families with a 12 Months to 5-year-old regardless of income or neighborhood through the VPK program.

Walking through our doors, you’ll know you have entered a special place. Learning Town Preschool’s well equipped, age-appropriate classrooms bubble with excitement and fun and are filled with a carefully chosen and thoughtfully arranged collection of open-ended toys, books, puzzles blocks of many shapes and sizes, water and sand tables, dress-up clothes and dramatic play equipment.

Our Program includes:

Green Sprouts - Infants Preschool
Toddler Tech - Preschool Age
Preschool for Toddlers
Early Education - VPK Preschool

Learning Town Preschool..

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