About us

We are Bilingual (Spanish) Preschool.

Here at Learning Town Preschool, we believe that each child is inherently creative. It is our philosophy that it is the job of the educator not to impose lessons but rather provide them and guide the students through the acquisition of new concepts and let them explore the bounds of their own curiosity.

Additionally, we also feel that learning and play should go hand in hand, not separately. Our interactive play activities will ensure that your child enjoys themselves, while also simultaneously learning skills that they will later need as they progress in their academic career. At Learning Town Preschool, we ensure:

  • That your child is safe.
  • Your child is under the care and supervision of our trained professionals.
  • Your child will develop motor, social, and cognitive skills at their own pace.
  • Your child will be in a diverse and accepting environment.
  • Every child is given the same care and attention that we are well known for.
  • We will thoroughly communicate with parents on their child’s progress.
  • And most importantly, your child will have fun!.
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What we offer

Quality Education with Compassion


    The programs are aimed at the mental and creative development of children. Each child get special attention to enhance their abilities.


    We have a dedicated Science & Computer lab, each student gets to learn and experiment at their own pace.


    Qualified staff members. We have enough employees to supervise all of the children in our preschool and to ensure that your child gets the best attention.


    We offer flexible schedules to accommodate working parents and busy lifestyles.

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